I am Elizabeth Hill, mother of four, wife of a wine grape grower, and attorney at law. I love all things wine (especially #txwine), fabulous friends and impeccable style.  I live fully and zealously in every day, endeavoring to find the beauty in the day to day.  This is my very first blog and I’m pretty pumped about sharing what I learn, find and love in this crazy life. I’m somehow a mother to a teenager that is almost driving, a brand new teenager, a preteen and a (gasp!) toddler. I’ve somehow managed to span all the challenging years at once and love every minute of it. Oh, and the hubby, Chace, and I just ventured into the wine making and producing business as one of the three families that founded Trilogy Cellars, a family and locally-owned winery in Levelland, Texas.  My blog may have a mix of everything that draws my eye and intrigues me, from wine pairings to home decor to fashion or travel.


So, law practice? It’s my day job and I love it. I recently branched out on my own at the Law Office of Elizabeth G. Hill. I’m an advocate at heart and fight hard for my clients. I stick to business litigation and appellate law (with a healthy dose of winery and vineyard law) and am a full-fledged nerd when it comes to writing about and arguing the law. My absolute favorite area is civil appeals and one day, I hope to “retire” to just writing briefs all day… and maybe blogging during the breaks.

So, why Burklee? “Burk” and “Lee” were my husband’s grandfathers. The family vineyard sits on land that has been farmed by six(!) generations, a true Texas story. And, not only do we love the family story, but we believe we are indebted to the generations before us. We like to think that grape growing is the next generation of farming the land. So, please, sit awhile and maybe sip awhile. Welcome to my little blog. And, CHEERS!


This is my absolute favorite pic of my son, Blake, standing in the front. Check out the epic “scary smile” that he’s sporting. We’ve been in the “scary smile” stage for the past 15 years of his 10 year life.

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  1. Elizabeth~ I love that your blog captures your humor and intelligence. Proud to call you my friend and so thrilled for for you and your family.

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